Dear visitor!

Nice to have you here on my blog – welcome!

As you might have guessed it already, this is all about the schönste nebensache der welt and about my biggest and most passionate hobby – cooking and creating new recipes. 

I go to great lengths to feed you with new recipes as often as possible. ;)

My aim isn’t to convince you that vegetarian or vegan food is the best – everybody has to decide it on his own. I simply want to share my ideas and my passion with you.

Of course, I would be more than glad, if some of you is open-minded for new things, things witch which you haven’t dealt with in your everyday-life so far.

Enjoy burying (schmökern) in my recipes and trying some of them out! Bring your frying pans out in a sweat!

About me

Why I have chosen to write this blog…

…because I would love to share my cooking passion and my passion to eat with the rest of the world and I also want to inspire some of you to try some meat-free and sometimes even dairy-free recipes.

What and who is important in my life…

Cooking (with friends), discover new restaurants, Yoga (!), jogging, travelling around the world, my two enchanting younger sisters, my home-city Vienna, the rest of my priceless friends, leafing through cooking books,…

I am a huge fan of…

…enjoying slowly, awareness (genussvoll?) eating in good company

…the cooking process itself, which always calms me down

…Austrian sweets; while travelling around, I came to the result that there is nothing more tastful than our Austrian sweet and warm dishes. I do really appreciate that.

What makes me angry…

…Phrases like, “If you don’t eat meat, you use a lot of tofu to replace the meat in your meal?!” (Who needs a meat substitute, let alone “real meat”?!)

…our throwaway society

…the wide-shared opinion among people that animals are on earth to land on our plates or in the rubbish.

What I want to add…

…The recipes which you can find on my blog are mostly a combination of recipes which I find “coincidentally” (zufällig) in a cooking book during burying myself into them. Of course, I amend them and give them my personal “Lenalicous-note”.

I want to thank my mum who showed me from the beginning of my childhood what it means to nourish yourself in a healthy way. She also showed me how to cook.

There is my best friend Lisa with whom I discover new things – I really enjoy cooking with her. Thank you!

My wish…

I really hope that I can motivate you with my recipes to bring your wooden spoon swinging!